Accounting Technicians Diploma


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  • Purpose of the ATD Course:

To produce competent individuals with comprehensive and a wide range of technical accounting knowledge, skills and attitudes which will enable them to work in any sector of the economy.

  • Entry Requirements:


To register as an ATD student, one must have at least one of the following qualifications:

  1. A-Level Certificate with at least one principal pass or the equivalent.

  2. UNEB/UBTEB Group Certificate for Business Education of at least stage two.

  3. Mature age Entry certificate obtained from a recognised university or institution.

  4. Other certificates as may be approved by PAEB.

  • ATD Syllabus structure:

The ATD syllabus is structured in three levels. The figure below shows the paper composition for each of the three levels.

  • Progression Rules:

A candidate may attempt a minimum of one subject and a maximum of five subjects at Level; four subjects at Level 2 and four subjects at Level 3 at any one sitting. A candidate must complete one level of the syllabus before proceeding to the next. An exception to this rule is when the candidate has only one subject to complete a level. In this case, the candidate can combine it with some subjects from the next level.

  • Mode of study

Harvest Training and Consultancy Ltd is recognised and approved by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU) as a tuition provider for the Accounting Technicians Diploma in Uganda. We have been offering the ATD course for seven (7) years now and produce the top performing students in Uganda.


We offer four distinct methods of study/training for the ATD students, click on the link below to submit your registration. Select your preferred mode of study as indicated on the registration form.

  • Download ATD student brochure

Download the current student brochure to read  more about the ATD course

  • Video presentation on ATD course

In this brief video, we give you an overview of the ATD course to help you take your next step.