About the course

To equip the learner with knowledge and skills to enable them understand the critical role management accountants play in organisations and to provide relevant advice in different decision making situations.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, the learner should be able to:

1. Evaluate the critical role management accountants play in organisations

2. Provide relevant advice in different decision making situations

3. Develop organisational budgets using appropriate techniques

4. Apply quantitative models and accounting control techniques to managerial decisions

5. Measure and evaluate performance of business segments

6. Apply advanced management accounting techniques

7. Apply management in ethical decision making

Course     Curriculum


Unit 1 - Role of Management Accounting

Unit 2 - CVP Analysis

Unit 3 - Relevant Costs

Unit 4 - Costing Systems

Unit 5 - Pricing Decisions

Unit 6 - Transfer Pricing

Unit 7 - Risk and Uncertainity

Unit 8 - Management Control Systems

Unit 9 - Bugeting

Unit 10 - Standard Costing

Unit 11 - Variance Analysis

Unit 12 - Performance Evaluation

Unit 13 - Cost Estimation Techniques

Unit 14 - Inventory Planning and Control

Unit 15 - Linear Programming

Unit 16 - Strategic Management


Target Group

The course has been designed for students undertaking Management Decision and Control under CPA(U) professional course and has been built around the official CPA(U) syllabus. The course is also designed for students undertaking Advanced Management Accounting at an institution of higher learning.



CPA Innocent Mugisha is a Professor of Finance and Accounting with over 10 years experience in teaching Accounting and Finance related courses including Management Decision and Control both at University and Professional level. His qualifications are: PhD (candidate), MBA(Finance), CPA(U), FCCA, CIPS, CTA and BCOM (Accounting). Innocent has also published various books on most topics in Accounting and Finance for Business and Professional Studies.

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