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Abroad Opportunities at Lafab Solutions

About the Organization

Lafab Solutions, originally registered as Great Uganda Jobs Limited on May 10th, 2017, underwent a transformation on June 1st, 2022, when it rebranded as Lafab Solution Ltd to broaden its market presence. Today, we have emerged as a premier Workforce Services provider, dedicated to assisting organizations in connecting with potential employees, offering workforce flexibility through the provision of temporary and casual workers, facilitating recruitment for full-time employees tailored to address specific customer needs,

Job Description

Lafab Solutions licensed to carryout internal labour recruitment, works with some Licensed Companies for external labour to support them find workers who are interested in working abroad. We assist workers who want to work abroad by connecting them to reputable companies that have a track record of ensuring the safety of those who have been facilitated to work abroad.

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Duties and Responsibilities

  • It is important to note that our license only stops at finding and recruiting workers within Uganda

  • We do not have authority to directly facilitate external labour placements.

  • We only support you find the right external recruitment company.

  • Some may provide accommodation before travel while others may not

  • First Medical interview will be done immediately for most

  • Sign your contract before traveling

  • It takes between 3 weeks to 2 months depending on the company

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Qualification, Experiences and Competencies

  • A passport (Process one if you do not have)

  • Less than 80kg of body weight

  • Between UGX 300,000 to UGX 600,000 of input depending on the company

  • UGX 20,000 if you need support to process a passport

  • National ID

  • Age: 21 – 38 (Some may take more than this age range)

  • Weight: 80kg and below

  • No health complications

  • Can speak English

  • If with kids, should have given birth normally or have recovered from Cesarean Section (C-Section) wound for two years after giving birth.

  • If you need support for process the passport, come with the following:

  • Come with photocopy of National IDs of your parents and Next of Kin (Brother, Sister or Cousin)

  • Photocopy ID of a recommender (Person who knows you). When you come we shall draft a recommendation letter for you and take it to the recommender to sign it.

  • You will present the letter when you go for interview at Ministry of Internal Affairs

  • Come with 250,000 of the passport to be paid to URA through the Bank or Mobile Bank Agent after the application is made.

How to Apply

Call us or WhatsApp us on 0773966860 or 0753298980

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