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Administrative Specialist job at Redeem

About the Organization

Redeem International partners with local law enforcement authorities to protect widows and orphans from violent abuse and exploitation. Join our mission of redemption.

Job Description

Administrative Specialists are essential to the efficient functioning of an organization, providing critical support that enables other staff and departments to operate effectively.

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Duties and Responsibilities

Office Management

  • Office Operations: Overseeing daily office operations to ensure efficiency and productivity.

  • Supplies Management: Managing office supplies inventory and placing orders as needed.

  • Equipment Maintenance: Coordinating the maintenance and repair of office equipment.

Administrative Support

  • Documentation: Preparing, editing, and formatting documents, reports, and presentations.

  • Correspondence: Managing incoming and outgoing correspondence, including emails, letters, and packages.

  • Record Keeping: Maintaining accurate and organized records and filing systems, both physical and digital.

Scheduling and Coordination

  • Calendar Management: Managing calendars for executives or teams, scheduling meetings, appointments, and events.

  • Meeting Coordination: Organizing and coordinating meetings, including preparing agendas, taking minutes, and arranging logistics.

  • Travel Arrangements: Making travel arrangements, including booking flights, accommodations, and transportation.

Financial Administration

  • Budget Management: Assisting in budget preparation and monitoring expenses.

  • Invoicing and Billing: Processing invoices, tracking payments, and managing expense reports.

  • Financial Reporting: Preparing financial reports and summaries for management review.

Data Management

  • Data Entry: Accurately entering and updating data in databases and spreadsheets.

  • Data Analysis: Compiling and analyzing data to support decision-making and reporting.

  • Database Management: Ensuring data integrity and security by regularly updating and maintaining databases.

Communication and Customer Service

  • Client Interaction: Serving as a point of contact for clients, customers, and vendors, addressing inquiries and providing information.

  • Internal Communication: Facilitating communication within the organization, ensuring information is disseminated effectively.

  • Public Relations: Assisting in the preparation and distribution of communications materials, such as newsletters and press releases.

Project Management

  • Project Support: Assisting with planning, coordinating, and executing projects.

  • Task Coordination: Assigning and tracking tasks to ensure project timelines and objectives are met.

  • Progress Reporting: Preparing project status reports and communicating progress to stakeholders.

Compliance and Policy Management

  • Policy Implementation: Ensuring adherence to company policies and procedures.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Assisting in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Audits and Reviews: Preparing for and assisting with internal and external audits.

Human Resources Support

  • Recruitment Assistance: Assisting with job postings, applicant tracking, and scheduling interviews.

  • Onboarding: Coordinating onboarding activities for new hires, including orientation and training.

  • Employee Records: Maintaining confidential employee records and managing HR documentation.

Technology and Systems Management

  • IT Coordination: Liaising with IT support to resolve technical issues and manage system upgrades.

  • Software Utilization: Using various software applications for word processing, data management, and communication.

  • System Improvements: Identifying and implementing improvements to administrative processes and systems.

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Qualification, Experiences and Competencies

  • High degree of personal and professional integrity and trustworthiness.

  • Strong teamwork, interpersonal skills and ability to work on a multidisciplinary team.

  • Excellent independent professional judgment and ethical decision-making.

  • Innovative and Creative problem solving in the face of complex nuanced issues.

  • Persistence and tenacity in the face of difficult problems or challenges.

  • Commitment to meet deadlines and achieve results in fast-paced environment.

  • Love-motivated service orientation toward clients, colleagues, partners and adversaries.

How to Apply

Are you interested? Click the "APPLY" button below to submit your application.

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