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Epidemiologist job at Health Service Commission

About the Organization

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Job Description

By fulfilling these duties and meeting these requirements, an Epidemiologist plays a vital role in protecting public health, controlling disease outbreaks, and improving health outcomes through research and evidence-based recommendations

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Duties and Responsibilities

Research and Data Collection:

  • Design and conduct studies to investigate health issues and disease outbreaks.

  • Collect and analyze data from various sources, such as health records, surveys, and fieldwork.

  • Use statistical tools to interpret and summarize data.

Disease Surveillance:

  • Monitor the spread of diseases and identify outbreaks or emerging health threats.

  • Develop and maintain systems for tracking and reporting disease incidence and prevalence.

Data Analysis and Interpretation:

  • Analyze data to identify trends, patterns, and causes of diseases.

  • Use epidemiological methods and models to predict future outbreaks.

  • Interpret data to make informed recommendations for public health action.

Public Health Policy and Recommendations:

  • Provide evidence-based recommendations to public health officials and policymakers.

  • Develop guidelines and protocols for disease prevention and control.

  • Advise on the implementation of public health programs and interventions.

Communication and Reporting:

  • Prepare detailed reports and scientific papers on research findings.

  • Communicate findings to health professionals, policymakers, and the public.

  • Present data and recommendations at conferences and meetings.

Collaboration and Consultation:

  • Work with other health professionals, researchers, and organizations to address public health issues.

  • Provide expertise and consultation on epidemiological matters.

  • Collaborate with international health agencies on global health issues.

Education and Training:

  • Train and mentor junior epidemiologists, public health workers, and students.

  • Conduct workshops and seminars on epidemiological methods and public health practices.

Qualification, Experiences and Competencies

Educational Background:

  • Master's degree in Epidemiology, Public Health, or a related field is typically required.

  • A Doctorate (Ph.D.) or Doctor of Public Health (Dr.PH) may be required for advanced positions or research roles.

  • Relevant coursework includes biostatistics, health informatics, environmental health, and disease pathology.


  • Experience in data collection, analysis, and interpretation is essential.

  • Prior work in public health, healthcare, or related research fields is advantageous.


  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills.

  • Proficiency in statistical software and data analysis tools (e.g., SAS, SPSS, R).

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Ability to conduct rigorous research and design effective studies.

Technical Abilities:

  • Familiarity with database management and electronic health records.

  • Knowledge of disease surveillance systems and methodologies.

  • Ability to design and implement epidemiological surveys and studies.

Personal Attributes:

  • Detail-oriented with a high level of accuracy in data analysis.

  • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to work independently.

  • Collaborative mindset for working with diverse teams and stakeholders.

  • Ethical judgment and integrity in handling sensitive health data.


  • Certification in Public Health (CPH) or other relevant certifications may be beneficial.

  • Continuous education and training in emerging public health threats and epidemiological methods.

Additional Considerations

Field Work:

  • Willingness to travel and conduct fieldwork, potentially in challenging environments.

  • Ability to work in diverse settings, including laboratories, offices, and in the field.


  • Flexibility to respond to public health emergencies and outbreaks.

  • Capability to stay updated with the latest research and technological advancements in public health.

How to Apply

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