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Head, Finance & Compliance job at eTranzact Platform Limited

About the Organization

Our secure, flexible solutions are thoughtfully designed by the best in the industry for guaranteed hassle free payment acceptance and processing.

Job Description

Tranzact Platform Ltd – is licenced as a Payment Service Operator (license No. PSO 28/24) and a Payment Service Provider (license No. PSP 21/24) by the Bank of Uganda, under the National Payment Systems Act 2020. The company is also registered and certified by National Information Technology Authority, Uganda.

We are on the lookout for dynamic and talented professionals to join our team. We are passionate about innovation, excellence, and creating seamless digital experiences for our customers. If you are too, we want to hear from you!

Head, Finance and Compliance
Are you a financial expert with a keen eye for detail and a clear understanding of compliance?
Are you strong on ethics and integrity? Then join us as Head of Finance and Compliance to ensure our financial health and regulatory compliance. Your expertise will be crucial in shaping our financial strategies and maintaining our reputation for integrity and reliability.

Duties and Responsibilities

Financial Management

  • Financial Strategy: Develop and implement financial strategies to support the organization's goals and objectives.

  • Budgeting and Forecasting: Oversee the preparation of budgets, forecasts, and financial plans, ensuring accuracy and alignment with strategic goals.

  • Financial Reporting: Ensure the timely and accurate preparation of financial statements, reports, and analyses for senior management and stakeholders.

  • Cash Flow Management: Monitor and manage the organization's cash flow to ensure liquidity and financial stability.

  • Investment Management: Oversee investment strategies and manage the organization's investment portfolio to maximize returns within acceptable risk parameters.

Compliance and Risk Management

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with all relevant financial regulations, laws, and industry standards.

  • Internal Controls: Develop, implement, and monitor internal controls to safeguard the organization’s assets and ensure the integrity of financial reporting.

  • Risk Assessment: Conduct regular risk assessments and develop strategies to mitigate financial and compliance risks.

  • Audit Coordination: Coordinate internal and external audits, ensuring timely and effective audit processes and the implementation of audit recommendations.

Leadership and Team Management

  • Team Leadership: Lead and manage the finance and compliance teams, providing direction, support, and professional development opportunities.

  • Performance Management: Set performance objectives, conduct regular evaluations, and implement improvement plans for team members.

  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Work closely with other departments to ensure financial and compliance considerations are integrated into decision-making processes.

Strategic Planning and Advisory

  • Strategic Advisory: Serve as a strategic advisor to senior management, providing insights and recommendations on financial and compliance matters.

  • Business Planning: Support business planning and decision-making processes with financial analysis and projections.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Evaluate and oversee financial due diligence for mergers, acquisitions, and other strategic initiatives.

Policy Development and Implementation

  • Policy Formulation: Develop and implement financial and compliance policies and procedures to ensure consistency and adherence to best practices.

  • Training and Education: Conduct training programs to educate employees about financial policies, compliance requirements, and ethical standards

Qualification, Experiences and Competencies

  • Educational Background: A bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, business administration, or a related field is typically required. A master’s degree (e.g., MBA) or relevant professional certifications (e.g., CPA, CFA) are highly preferred.

  • Experience: Extensive experience in finance and compliance roles, with a proven track record of managing financial operations and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Skills and Competencies

  • Financial Acumen: Strong financial management skills, including budgeting, forecasting, financial analysis, and reporting.

  • Compliance Expertise: In-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements and compliance standards relevant to the industry.

  • Risk Management: Proficiency in identifying, assessing, and mitigating financial and compliance risks.

  • Leadership Skills: Strong leadership and team management skills, with the ability to inspire and motivate a team.

  • Analytical Skills: Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities, with attention to detail.

  • Communication Skills: Exceptional verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to convey complex financial and compliance information clearly and effectively.

  • Strategic Thinking: Ability to think strategically and provide valuable insights to support organizational goals.

Certifications and Training

  • Professional Certifications: Relevant certifications such as Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), or Certified Internal Auditor (CIA).

  • Ongoing Training: Commitment to continuous professional development and staying current with industry trends and regulatory changes.

Technical Proficiency

  • Financial Software: Proficiency in financial management software (e.g., SAP, Oracle, QuickBooks) and compliance management tools.

  • Microsoft Office Suite: Advanced skills in Microsoft Excel and other Office applications for financial analysis and reporting

How to Apply

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