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Language Teacher - KISWAHILI job at Mandela Secondary schools

About the Organization

Job Description

A Language Teacher for Ateso, a language spoken in Uganda by the Teso people, would have specific duties and requirements similar to other language teaching positions but with a focus on Ateso.

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Duties and Responsibilities

Curriculum Development:

  • Design and develop Ateso language curriculum and instructional materials.

  • Create lesson plans that align with educational standards and student needs.


  • Teach Ateso language classes, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and cultural nuances.

  • Employ various teaching methods and techniques to engage students and facilitate learning.

  • Conduct classes in person or online, as required.

Assessment and Evaluation:

  • Develop and administer tests, quizzes, and assignments to assess students' progress.

  • Provide feedback and guidance to help students improve their language skills.

  • Maintain records of student performance and progress.

Student Support:

  • Offer additional support and tutoring to students who need extra help.

  • Encourage and motivate students to practice speaking and writing in Ateso.

Cultural Education:

  • Integrate cultural education into the language curriculum to provide context and enhance understanding.

  • Organize cultural events, activities, or field trips to immerse students in Teso culture.

Professional Development:

  • Stay updated with the latest teaching methods, educational technology, and developments in language instruction.

  • Attend workshops, conferences, and training sessions to improve teaching skills.


  • Work with other language teachers and educational staff to enhance the language program.

  • Participate in school or institution meetings and contribute to the development of language programs.

Resource Management:

  • Manage classroom resources, including textbooks, audio-visual aids, and other teaching materials.

  • Ensure a conducive learning environment in the classroom.

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Qualification, Experiences and Competencies

Educational Qualifications:

  • A bachelor's degree in education, linguistics, or a related field.

  • Specialization in Ateso language, African languages, or equivalent.

Language Proficiency:

  • Native or near-native fluency in Ateso.

  • Proficiency in the language of instruction (e.g., English, if applicable).

Teaching Experience:

  • Previous experience teaching Ateso or other languages.

  • Familiarity with language teaching methodologies and practices.


  • Teaching certification or licensure, if required by the educational institution or region.

Technical Skills:

  • Ability to use educational technology and online teaching platforms.

  • Competence in using word processing, presentation, and other educational software.

Interpersonal Skills:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Patience, empathy, and the ability to motivate students.

Cultural Knowledge:

  • Deep understanding of Teso culture, traditions, and history.

  • Ability to integrate cultural elements into language instruction effectively.


  • Flexibility to adapt teaching methods to suit diverse student needs and learning styles.

  • Willingness to adjust to different teaching environments and schedules.

How to Apply

Submit your application with your document and CV to the office of Head teacher

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