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Machine Operator job at Asili Agriculture

About the Organization

Asili was established in 2012 in Western Uganda and Our Purpose is to catalyze a more equitable, resilient and regenerative food system.

Asili is a leading employer, investor, producer, aggregator and service provider across the major grain and oilseed value chains in East Africa. Our team equips the farming community and key food system Stakeholders with the technical skills, tools and services to transform agriculture into the flourishing industry it ought to be.

Our Vision is a food system in harmony with nature that empowers farmers, nourishes communities, and creates local prosperity.

Job Description

Asili Agriculture is a fully-mechanized largescale farming company with an integrated food security platform for East Africa that manages dual-season production of high quality maize and soybeans for supply to regional food processors. Asili became operational in January 2014 and is currently farming on over 7,000 ha of land in Western Uganda under a conservation agriculture and precision farming approach to maximize yields efficiently and sustainably.
Our purpose: To catalyse a more equitable, resilient and regenerative food system.
Our mission: To deliver integrated agricultural land management & marketplace solutions that empower farmers and food system stakeholders to sustainably increase profitability, resilience and nutrition.
Our vision: A food system in harmony with nature that empowers farmers, nourishes communities, and creates local prosperity.
Our Farm Hubs operate the largest staple foods farming enterprise in Uganda. We also operate grain storage and trading activities serving over 15,000 farmers and supplying over 40,000 MT of food annually. Our Producer Services Business Unit (PSBU) provides bundled services—agronomy, quality inputs supply, grain marketing and financial services—to smallscale producers (also known as smallholders) as well as customized farming services to large landowners. Our Digital Division develops AMSAF – a resilient food marketplace connecting all stakeholders - and implements digital solutions employed across our Hubs and PSBU. Today, we employ 230+ individuals and employ over 800 temporary employees. We are an ambitious and growing business with a vibrant and dedicated workforce committed to expanding equitable, resilient and regenerative food systems in the region.
The Purpose of the role
The main role of the jobholder is to diagnose and repair the vehicle problems accurately and quickly. This position requires a mechanic who has a good understanding of electrical, hydraulic, engine and braking systems, transmission system & air conditioning. The role will report to the level 4 technician with dotted reporting lines to the technical supervisors and the workshop manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

Operating Machines

  • Operate machinery including tractors, sprayers, combines, and other equipment.

  • Ensure high-quality work for each assigned task.

  • Operate machinery in good mechanical condition.

  • Properly apply inputs (fuel, seed, fertilizer, chemicals) loaded into the machines and prevent theft.

  • Record inputs issued to the machine in the inputs record books for each activity.

  • Report any minor and major breakdowns, accidents, and damages to machine components.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Perform daily checklists on machines with supervisors.

  • Listen to machine sounds, analyze performance during daily checkups, and communicate anomalies to mechanics.

  • Assist mechanics with 50-hour service on tractors, self-propelled sprayers, and combines.

  • Alert the mechanics team when 250-hour service is due for the machines.

Corrective Maintenance

  • Communicate to mechanics the origin of issues for accurate troubleshooting.

  • Support mechanics in corrective maintenance during and off-season. • Sign off on repair works done, ensuring work meets standards.

Machine Cleaning

  • Maintain the cleanliness of the machine both inside and outside the cab.

  • Avoid placing spares in the machine cab, especially near delicate areas.

  • Clean machines with a jet washer before serious mechanical work to help mechanics identify leakages.

Reporting Faults

  • Report faults immediately upon identification.

  • Share error codes with mechanics to facilitate quick issue identification.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Perform other mechanical work on discs, planters, sprayers, inter-row cultivators, tractors, vehicles, small engines, etc.

Qualification, Experiences and Competencies

  • Valid operating license.

  • At least 2 years of experience as a machine operator.

  • Ability to operate a range of agricultural machinery and equipment, including tillage, planting, harvesting, spraying, and spreading equipment.

  • Strong knowledge of workshop procedures and health and safety protocols.

  • Good communication skills.

  • Effective time management.


  • Certificate in basic servicing and mechanical work.

  • Certificate for operating a range of farming machinery and equipment.

  • Good leadership skills.

  • Strong team player.

Competencies for this Role

  • Expertise in operating and maintaining a wide range of agricultural machinery, with a thorough understanding of various agricultural activities and equipment.

  • Strong ability to identify, analyze, and efficiently resolve mechanical issues, combined with a proactive approach to troubleshooting and preventative

  • maintenance.

  • Clear and effective verbal and written communication skills, ensuring accurate reporting and coordination with team members.

  • Meticulous attention to detail in machine operation and maintenance, ensuring high standards of work quality.

  • Excellent time management abilities, with the capability to prioritize and complete tasks efficiently.

  • Comprehensive understanding of health and safety regulations, with a commitment to maintaining a safe working environment.

  • Ability to adapt to varying work conditions and tasks, demonstrating flexibility in problem-solving and machinery operation.

How to Apply

Does this sound like an exciting role and company to work with? Do you have any questions? We would be happy to hear from you.
Interested applicants please send your CV and a Cover Letter explaining why you are a suitable candidate for this role to . All applications should include the reference Machine Operator 10.07.2024 in the subject line. Hard copy applications will not be accepted.
Please note this is an ongoing recruitment process. Candidates will be contacted and assessed on a rolling-basis.

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