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Medical Inventory Manager job at City Medicals

About the Organization

We an accredited 24hr services health facility providing pre deployment and routine medical check ups, on site and remote site medical services, vaccination, travel medicine, DNA testing, occupational medicine, tropical and infectious diseases

Job Description

The duties of a Medical Inventory Manager typically involve overseeing the procurement, storage, distribution, and management of medical supplies and equipment within a healthcare facility. This role is crucial in ensuring that healthcare providers have access to the necessary resources to deliver quality patient care efficiently.

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Duties and Responsibilities

Inventory Management

  • Inventory Control: Maintain accurate records of medical supplies and equipment inventory levels.

  • Stock Monitoring: Monitor inventory levels to ensure adequate stock levels without overstocking or stockouts.

  • Inventory Optimization: Implement strategies to optimize inventory levels based on usage patterns, seasonal variations, and expiration dates.

  • Order Management: Place orders for medical supplies and equipment based on demand forecasts and usage patterns.


  • Supplier Management: Identify and evaluate suppliers of medical supplies and equipment.

  • Negotiation: Negotiate terms and pricing with suppliers to secure favorable contracts.

  • Purchase Orders: Prepare and process purchase orders in accordance with procurement policies and budgets.

Distribution and Logistics

  • Supply Chain Coordination: Coordinate logistics and distribution of medical supplies to various departments and units within the healthcare facility.

  • Delivery Coordination: Ensure timely and accurate delivery of medical supplies to meet operational needs.

  • Warehouse Management: Oversee the storage and organization of medical supplies in warehouses or storage facilities.

Compliance and Quality Assurance

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements related to the storage and handling of medical supplies and equipment.

  • Quality Control: Implement quality control measures to ensure the integrity and safety of medical supplies.

  • Inventory Audits: Conduct regular audits and inspections of medical inventory to verify accuracy and compliance with standards.

Data Analysis and Reporting

  • Data Management: Utilize inventory management software to track and analyze inventory levels, usage patterns, and costs.

  • Reporting: Generate reports on inventory status, usage trends, and procurement activities for management review.

  • Budget Management: Monitor and manage the budget for medical supplies and equipment procurement and inventory management.

Collaboration and Communication

  • Interdepartmental Collaboration: Work closely with healthcare providers, administrators, and finance teams to understand inventory needs and priorities.

  • Stakeholder Communication: Communicate inventory status, issues, and recommendations to relevant stakeholders.

  • Problem-Solving: Address and resolve inventory-related issues and challenges in a timely and effective manner.

Continuous Improvement

  • Process Optimization: Identify opportunities for process improvement and efficiency gains in inventory management and procurement processes.

  • Training and Development: Provide training and guidance to staff involved in inventory management and procurement activities.

  • Technology Utilization: Leverage inventory management software and technology solutions to streamline operations and improve accuracy.

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Qualification, Experiences and Competencies

  • Bachelor’s Degree/Diploma in any of the following field:

  1. Nursing

  2. Pharmacy

  3. Additional qualification in logistics & supply chain management is added advantage.

  • 5 years working experience in similar position in a busy medical setting.

How to Apply

Send your CV and academic documents as one pdf to
Use QHSE Manager as the email subject.

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