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Poultry Leadership Development Program Trainees job at Uzima Chicken Uganda

About the Organization

Job Description

About the Company
Uzima Chicken Uganda is a social enterprise focused on making smallholder farmers healthier and wealthier. Uzima Chicken distributes an improved breed of chicken that is 4x more productive than local breeds in terms of egg and meat production, while requiring the same levelof management and care as the local chicken. Rearing a flock of 10 improved breed chickens can generate a 270,000 UGX net profit uplift for a smallholder family. With Uzima’s bird, ruralhouseholds in Uganda can build income resilience, confidently pay for their children’s school fees, and introduce larger volumes of animal protein into their daily diets.
Uzima Chicken seeks to reach every rural household by 2025 and aims to be the leading small holder-focused poultry enterprise in East Africa. In the past 2 years of operations, UzimaChicken has attracted investments from AgDevCo, Acumen, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Uzima Chicken Uganda prioritizes hiring and developing Ugandan talent and offers significant professional growth opportunities and leadership development. Further, Uzima is committed to female empowerment across the company and is proud that 40% of staff are women.

Uzima Chicken will recruit recent graduates with degrees in Veterinary Medicine, Animal
Science or Animal Production. The objective of the Poultry Leadership Develop Program (LDP) is to provide fresh recruits with the skills they need to be successful to step into supervisory and managerial positions in the poultry industry. In addition, Uzima believes it is critical to provide this class with experience across different functions so that they:
(i) have a strong understanding of key technical functions that lead to Company success(ii) reinforce our Company culture by establishing relationships and understanding the commitment of all of our employees.
On boarding will be one of the most critical times of the program. The new trainees will spend the first week in the same location, learning about the purpose of the Company, the vision, and
meeting the full senior management. In addition to this orientation period, the class will
participate in team building and listen to presentations from existing technical site managers. LIn addition, the Production Manager and other selected presenters will provide technical
overviews of breeding and hatchery. Trainees will read all standard SOPs during the first week, and take a pre-test on poultry knowledge.
After the first week, the trainees will be assigned to 3 months in a single position. While inthese positions, the trainees will start off in entry level positions to learn the business from theground up. On the breeding farm and hatchery, they will be attendants and vaccinators thenfinally they will do a rotation reporting directly to the Production Manager as dataanalysts/quality control analysts.
This intensive period is designed to give the trainee exposure to the entire Company from a technical and functional perspective. This will also give department managers the opportunity to work with trainees and to allow for the selection process.
One day per month during this period, trainees will be trained on finance, HR, admin, and procurement processes and procedures.
At the end of the month, the trainees will receive testing on all 5 rotations and administrative information. A minimal score must be achieved to pass the training.

Duties and Responsibilities

Crop Production

  • Soil Preparation: Plowing, tilling, and preparing the soil for planting.

  • Planting: Sowing seeds or planting seedlings in the prepared soil.

  • Irrigation: Providing adequate water to crops through various irrigation methods.

  • Fertilization: Applying fertilizers to enhance soil fertility and promote healthy crop growth.

  • Pest and Weed Control: Using pesticides, herbicides, or organic methods to manage pests and weeds.

  • Crop Monitoring: Regularly checking the health and progress of crops.

  • Harvesting: Collecting mature crops from the field.

  • Post-Harvest Handling: Cleaning, sorting, and storing crops properly to maintain quality and prevent spoilage.

Livestock Management

  • Feeding: Ensuring animals have adequate and nutritious feed.

  • Health Care: Monitoring and maintaining the health of livestock through vaccinations, treatments, and regular check-ups.

  • Breeding: Managing breeding programs to maintain or improve stock quality.

  • Shelter: Providing appropriate housing and shelter for animals.

  • Waste Management: Properly handling animal waste to minimize environmental impact and maintain farm hygiene.

Farm Management

  • Financial Management: Budgeting, accounting, and financial planning to ensure the economic viability of the farm.

  • Labor Management: Hiring, training, and supervising farm workers.

  • Compliance: Adhering to local, state, and federal regulations regarding agriculture practices.

  • Record Keeping: Maintaining accurate records of farm activities, production data, and financial transactions.

Sustainability and Conservation

  • Soil Conservation: Implementing practices to prevent soil erosion and maintain soil health.

  • Water Conservation: Efficient use of water resources and implementing water-saving techniques.

  • Environmental Protection: Minimizing the environmental impact of farming activities through sustainable practices.

Qualification, Experiences and Competencies

  • BA Animal Science, Animal Production

  • Strong problem-solving abilities.

  • Exceptional analytical and interpersonal skills.


  • Fresh Graduate / 2023 or 2024


  • Passion to learn and grow professionally and to serving small holder farmers withimproved breeds of chicken

  • Ownership mentality and commitment to work hard

  • Strong problem solvers that find practical solutions

  • Fast learners with a record of high achievement

  • Adaptable/Willing to work in fast-paced environment

  • Ability to communicate clearly with others. - Computer Skill - Critical thinking


How to Apply

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