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Regional Consortium Coordinator job at SIHA

About the Organization

stablished in 1995 by a coalition of women’s rights activists with the aim of strengthening the capacities of women’s rights organizations and addressing women’s subordination and violence against women and girls in the Horn of Africa, SIHA has grown substantially and is now comprised of 136 member organizations.

Job Description

SIHA needs a highly qualified and dedicated Regional Consortium Coordinator (RCC) for a senior position within the organization. The ideal candidate should possess a demonstrated passion and expertise in gender equality and women’s human rights. The RCC will oversee the WCW Consortium and other SIHA consortium projects, but more importantly, she or he will be a key player in facilitating consortium members’ engagement and information sharing, acting as a vital liaison between partners/donors, members, and country teams.
The RCC will lead and guide collective planning and strategies for the implementation of activities, providing support and guidance to partners as required. This role is not just about individual contribution but about fostering a sense of teamwork and shared responsibility.
The RCC will work closely with the SIHA Programme Unit to build synergies with other SIHA projects and regional interventions in collaboration with the regional team. The RCC will report to the Regional Programme Manager (RPM) and Regional Director (RD). This role offers a unique opportunity for professional growth and development in the field of gender equality and women’s human rights.
Key areas of Accountability
In close cooperation with consortium partners, the RCC ensures that consortium projects are implemented in accordance with agreed-upon consortium guidelines and donors’ requirements, project outcomes and framework and based on SIHA feminist values. The RCC is expected to facilitate close and effective coordination and collaboration between consortium partners to ensure high-quality project interventions and results documentation. This role is instrumental in advancing SIHA’s mission of promoting gender equality and women’s human rights in the region.

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Duties and Responsibilities

Program Implementation and Coordination

  • Coordinate with Consortium members to ensure high-quality implementation of activities, compliance with donor and consortium rules, and accountability to beneficiaries.

  • Lead on harmonized program implementation and coordination across partners in accordance with the consortium’s strategic vision and planned timescales.

  • Review and improve systems for tracking and reporting against the agreed-upon program plan and effectively solve problems arising from deviations from the plan.

  • Collaborate closely with the SIHA MEL office to integrate learning and evaluation in intervention strategies.

  • Organize periodic meetings with consortium partners and other program staff to discuss and track program progress against the plan, record, and follow up on action points.

  • Regularly update the management committee on the status of project implementation and make recommendations based on their findings.

Knowledge Management, Advocacy Research and Communication

Coordinate knowledge management, communication systems, and tools to maintain up-to-date project documentation and effective working methods within the consortium.

Work closely with the SIHA Regional Advocacy and Communications team to plan and oversee the implementation of advocacy and communication activities.

Grant and Financial Management

  • Responsible for all aspects of grant management, including submitting high-quality financial and programmatic reporting and partnership agreements and sharing grant information (reports, proposals, agreements) with consortium members.

  • Ensure effective coordination among finance/support teams across partners, donors, and other stakeholders to promote the achievement of consortium objectives.

  • Accountable for compliance with grant management and project cycle management processes.

Personnel Management and Technical Support

  • Recruit, hire, and manage consultants, subgrantees, and sub-contractors as needed to carry out activities.

  • Provides technical support and guidance to SIHA project staff at the regional office and across the country offices.

  • Ensure compliance and adherence to SIHA policies, guidance, and procedures.

  • External Representation

  • Provide external representation on behalf of SIHA and the consortium.

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Qualification, Experiences and Competencies

  • The candidate for this position should have strong knowledge/awareness and understanding of the Horn of Africa context, including the political situations and the status of women and girls.

  • S/he should be highly adaptable, creative, and passionate about women’s rights. The ideal candidate should have a strong project and Programme management record related to civil society or human rights work and a proven record of accomplishment in quality assurance to be considered for the position.

  • SIHA will be particularly interested in female applicants committed to grassroots civil society and women’s movement and their essential role in improving conditions for women and girls across the Horn of Africa.

Experience and Skills

  • 7 – 12 years leading projects and/or programs, including 5 years of project management, and with at least two years of managerial experience.

  • Extensive experience in consortium program management in human rights and/or gender equality, preferably within civil society human rights NGOs context.

  • Experience in award management, narrative, and financial reporting on complex projects.

  • Proven ability to develop and maintain strong relationships with diverse stakeholders, influence change at operational and strategic levels, organize representation, and coordinate.

  • Strong analytical and creative problem-solving skills, computer literacy, team skills, self-motivation, adaptability, networking, advocacy, communication, and negotiation skills.

  • Sensitivity to cultural diversity, understanding of the political, contextual, and ethical issues in assigned areas, articulation, and professionalism.


  • Bachelor’s degree or International Equivalent in Women’s Rights, Human Rights, Political Science, Human Development, International Development, Social Sciences, or Related Field; master’s or other advanced degrees and project management certification preferred.

How to Apply

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