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Social worker (Arua Office) job at Redeem

About the Organization

Redeem International partners with local law enforcement authorities to protect widows and orphans from violent abuse and exploitation. Join our mission of redemption.

Job Description

The role of a Social Worker at the Arua Office is comprehensive, requiring a blend of direct client support, community engagement, and administrative responsibilities to effectively address the social and economic challenges faced by individuals and the community.

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Duties and Responsibilities

Client Support and Advocacy

  • Assessment: Conducting thorough assessments of clients' needs, strengths, and challenges to develop appropriate service plans.

  • Counseling: Providing individual, family, or group counseling to help clients cope with social, emotional, and economic challenges.

  • Advocacy: Advocating for clients' rights and needs, ensuring they have access to necessary resources and services.

Case Management

  • Service Planning: Developing and implementing individualized service plans based on clients' assessed needs.

  • Coordination: Coordinating services and resources for clients, such as healthcare, housing, education, and employment.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Regularly monitoring clients' progress and adjusting service plans as needed to ensure effective support.

Community Engagement and Outreach

  • Community Assessment: Conducting community assessments to identify prevalent social issues and resource gaps.

  • Outreach Programs: Developing and implementing outreach programs to raise awareness and address community needs.

  • Partnership Building: Establishing and maintaining partnerships with local organizations, agencies, and community groups.

Documentation and Reporting

  • Record Keeping: Maintaining accurate and confidential records of all client interactions, assessments, and service plans.

  • Reporting: Preparing reports on client progress, service delivery, and program outcomes for internal use and for stakeholders.

  • Data Management: Utilizing case management software and tools to document and track client information and outcomes.

Crisis Intervention

  • Emergency Support: Providing immediate support and intervention during crises, such as domestic violence, homelessness, or health emergencies.

  • Risk Assessment: Conducting risk assessments to identify and address potential threats to clients' safety and well-being.

  • Referral: Referring clients to appropriate emergency services and follow-up support.

Policy and Program Development

  • Program Design: Contributing to the design and development of programs that address social issues and improve community welfare.

  • Policy Implementation: Implementing organizational policies and procedures related to social work practice.

  • Evaluation: Participating in the evaluation of programs and services to ensure they meet clients' needs effectively.

Training and Education

  • Client Education: Providing education to clients on various topics, such as financial management, parenting skills, and health awareness.

  • Professional Development: Pursuing ongoing professional development to stay current with best practices and new developments in social work.

  • Staff Training: Assisting in the training and mentoring of new social workers, interns, and volunteers.

Ethical and Legal Responsibilities

  • Confidentiality: Ensuring all client information is handled with strict confidentiality and in accordance with legal and ethical standards.

  • Compliance: Adhering to relevant laws, regulations, and professional standards in social work practice.

  • Ethical Conduct: Promoting and modeling ethical behavior in all aspects of social work.

Resource Development

  • Funding: Assisting in identifying funding opportunities and preparing grant applications to support social work programs.

  • Resource Allocation: Managing and allocating resources effectively to meet clients' needs and program goals.

Collaboration and Teamwork

  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Working collaboratively with other professionals, such as healthcare providers, educators, and law enforcement, to provide comprehensive support to clients.

  • Team Meetings: Participating in regular team meetings to discuss cases, share insights, and develop strategies for effective service delivery.

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Qualification, Experiences and Competencies

  • High degree of personal and professional integrity and trustworthiness.

  • Strong teamwork, interpersonal skills and ability to work on a multidisciplinary team.

  • Excellent independent professional judgment and ethical decision-making.

  • Innovative and Creative problem solving in the face of complex nuanced issues.

  • Persistence and tenacity in the face of difficult problems or challenges.

  • Commitment to meet deadlines and achieve results in fast-paced environment.

  • Love-motivated service orientation toward clients, colleagues, partners and adversaries.

How to Apply

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