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Financial Reporting Online Course with Certificate

Gain analytical and evaluation financial reporting skills necessary for preparation of financial statements as per the requirements of IASs and IFRSs. Learn at your own pace or join a tutor support program.

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Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

1. Measure the elements of financial statements

2. Prepare financial statements and accounting records for business organisations

3. Analyse financial statements and interpret accounting information

4. Apply the selected International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

5. Prepare consolidated financial statements of a simple group structure

6. Prepare accounting records for entities under receivership and liquidation

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Course     Curriculum


Unit 1 - The Conceptual Framework

Unit 2 - The Regulatory Framework

Unit 3 - Inventories (IAS 2)

Unit 4 - Accounting Policies, Estimates and Errors (IAS 8)

Unit 5 - Borrowing Costs (IAS 23)

Unit 6 - Cashflow Statements (IAS 7)

Unit 7 - Business Combinations (IFRS 3)

Unit 8 - Consolidated Financial Statements (IFRS 10)

Unit 9 - Income Statements (IAS 12)

Unit 10 - Agriculture (IAS 41)

Unit 11 - Government Grants (IAS 20)

Unit 12 - Property, Plant and Equipment (IAS 16)

Unit 13 - Investment Porperty (IAS 40)

Unit 14 - Impairment of Assets (IAS 36)

Unit 15 - Intagible Assets (IAS 38)

Unit 16 - Foreign Exchange Rates (IAS 21)

Unit 17 - Revenue (IFRS 15)

Unit 18 - Leases (IFRS 16)

Unit 19 - Fair Value Measurement (IFRS 13)

Unit 20 - Provisions and Contigencies (IAS 37)

Unit 21 - Presentation of Financial Statements (IAS 1)

Unit 22 - Ratio Analysis

Unit 23 - Receivership and Liquidation


Target Group

The course has been designed for students undertaking Financial Reporting under CPA(U) professional course and has been built around the official CPA(U) syllabus. The course is also designed for students pursuing a foreign accountancy qualifications such as ACCA and students undertaking financial reporting at institutions of higher learning.

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CPA Innocent Mugisha is a Professor of Finance and Accounting with over 10 years experience in teaching Accounting and Finance related courses including Financial Reporting both at University and Professional level. His qualifications are: PhD (candidate), MBA(Finance), CPA(U), FCCA, CIPS, CTA and BCOM (Accounting). Innocent has also published various books on most topics in Accounting and Finance for Business and Professional Studies.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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