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Tax Practitioners Course





  • Purpose of the Course

The Tax Practitioners course is designed to produce competent tax accountants and consultants capable of executing all tax tasks and assignments of an enterprise including filing of tax returns, providing high quality tax advise to management, operating the EFRIS System among others. 

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  • Entry Requirements

1. O' level

At least 5 credits including English Language and Mathematics.

2. A' level

At least two principal passes at A-Level.

  • Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, the learner should be able to:

  1. Explain the different forms of taxation for individuals and organizations.

  2. Compute the different tax liabilities for individuals and corporate bodies.

  3. Have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the practical concepts and principles of income tax returns.

  4. Solve practical income tax problems which draw on the interaction of different income tax business processes.

  5. The ability to examine the various line items of an income tax return.

  6. File various tax returns of income, VAT and Customs.

  7. Use the EFRIS new tax management information System

  • Duration of the Course

The Tax Practitioners course is a short course of 1 month.

  • Mode of Study

We offer four distinct methods of study/training for the Tax Practitioners Course. These include; Evening sessions from Monday  - Friday (7pm - 9pm) and Weekend Sessions on Saturday and Sunday (9am - 12pm). Click on the link below to submit your registration. Select your preferred mode of study as indicated on the registration form.

  • Detailed Syllabus

The Tax Practitioners course covers four major modules. These are the key major tax areas in Uganda. The modules covered under this course include;

MODULE 1 - Income Tax

MODULE 2 - Value Added Tax

MODULE 3 - Customs Management


The details covered under each module are given in our Tax Practitioners Course  brochure. Please complete the form below to download a FREE copy of the brochure.

Download a FREE copy of detailed brochure!

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  • Study Plans and Pricing

The Tax Practitioners Course is offered under 2 major study plans. Each plan has its own pricing. Below are the pricing plans;

Self-Paced Plan: - Perfect for participants unable to attend live weekly classes but can study following their own set schedule. 

Tutor Support Plan: - Perfect for participants looking for weekly live interactive classes.  

Click on the link below to see the details of each of these pricing plans

  • The Course Overview (Video Presentation)

In this brief video, we give you an overview of the Tax Practitioners Course to help you take your next step.

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