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Casework Administrator job at Redeem International

About the Organization

Redeem International partners with local law enforcement authorities to protect widows and orphans from violent abuse and exploitation. Join our mission of redemption.

Job Description

Redeem’s mission is to protect widows and orphans from violent abuse and exploitation by:
Awakening the world to the need to defend the orphan and the widow in the twenty-first century;
Assembling the resources needed to protect the world’s most vulnerable widows and orphans;
Assisting law enforcement in real cases that restore victims and restrain their abusers; and
Amplifying law enforcement protection through community engagement and capacity building.
We are currently implementing a program in Uganda to protect widows and orphans from the devastation of
predatory eviction with plans to expand our defense of the vulnerable into other countries in the future.
As a Redeem Casework Administrator, you will support the other members of your casework team in representing
individual victims of violence in the criminal, civil and administrative justice systems and enhance the capacities of
our law enforcement partners while contributing to Redeem’s culture of Christian excellence.

Duties and Responsibilities

Data Management and Reporting

  • Collaborating with national and global leadership on monitoring, evaluation and reporting strategy;

  • Managing and ensuring the casework team’s utilization of Redeem’s case management system;

  • Entering, updating and analyzing on the casework team’s casework data, metrics and results;

  • Managing and ensuring the accuracy of the casework team’s physical and electronic casework files

  • Compiling and presenting relevant casework data and reports internally and to third parties;

  • Supporting the team in preparing monthly, quarterly and annual reports on project progress; and

  • Supporting Redeem’s leadership in improving its ability to track relevant indicators.

Paralegal Support

  • Supporting the Team Lead and other members of the casework team in workflow management;

  • Partnering with other members of the casework team in developing Redeem’s intervention strategy;

  • Assisting Redeem attorneys in researching and drafting legal documents such as contracts and pleadings;

  • Preparing, filing, retrieving and following up on documents with courts, parties, and other governing bodies;

  • Assisting clients in obtaining letters of administration, certificates of customary ownership, land titles and

    other similar legal documents from the Land office, Admin General's Office, and other governing bodies;

  • Identifying and advising potential clients through initial interviews and Redeem’s screening process;

  • Assisting Redeem attorneys in preparation for litigation, mediation and deposition proceedings;

  • Updating and maintaining a law library with newly enacted laws and relevant reading resources; and

  • Supporting clients, attorneys and law enforcement partners by serving as a bailiff and/or process server.


  • Communicating with donors, supporters, media and other outside parties about Redeem’s work;

  • Contributing to the review and design of organizational systems, guidelines and policies;

  • Participating in Redeem’s professional development and spiritual formation activities;

  • Supporting other teams within Redeem in the achievement of their objectives;

  • Identifying lessons learned and opportunities for improvement from Redeem’s casework;

  • Performing clerical duties (photocopying, filing, posting, errands, etc.) as needed, and

  • Completing other duties as assigned.

Qualification, Experiences and Competencies

Redeem strives to build a culture of Christian excellence that reflects the following three core values:

  1. We love each other well;

  2. We don’t make easy things hard;

  3. We measure by results; and

  4. We are joyful in our work.

  • Redeem is looking for a highly skilled and responsible individual who will reflect these values while representing

  • individual victims of violence in the criminal, civil, and administrative justice systems and enhancing the capacities

  • of our law enforcement partners from JLOS. Specific attributes include:


  • Required: A diploma in law recognized by Uganda’s Law Council, but not a degree in law;1

  • Required: At least two years of professional experience supporting an active criminal or civil litigation

  • practice;

  • Required: Experience with data entry and management;

  • Preferred: A degree or equivalent work experience in criminal justice, M&E, development or related field;

  • Preferred: Experience using cloud-based data collection tools, platforms and systems;

  • Preferred: Experience working in start-up, international, matrixed and/or faith-based organizations

  • Preferred: Experience working with JLOS actors.


  • Required: Fluency in English, Runyoro, and Runyakitara with excellent written and oral communication in all;

  • Required: Computer literacy with strong capacity in word processing, email, and other systems;

  • Preferred: Understanding of Google business suite and digital project management tools;

  • Preferred: Legal reading, writing, and analysis skills; and

  • Preferred: Public speaking and or teaching skills.


  • Required: Mature Christian Faith;

  • Required: High degree of personal and professional integrity and trustworthiness;

  • Required: Strong teamwork, interpersonal skills, and ability to work on a multidisciplinary team;

  • Required: Excellent independent professional judgment and ethical decision-making;

  • Required: Innovative and creative problem-solving in the face of complex nuanced issues;

  • Required: Persistence and tenacity in the face of difficult problems or challenges;

  • Required: Commitment to meet deadlines and achieve results in a fast-paced environment; and

  • Required: Love-motivated service orientation toward clients, colleagues, partners, and adversaries.

How to Apply

Are you interested? Click the "APPLY" button below to submit your application.

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