Certified Public Accountants of Uganda Course

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  • Purpose of the CPA(U) Course:

The CPA (U) course is designed to produce competent professional accountants, capable of making a positive contribution to the profession and the national economy in general. The graduates of the course have the potential to serve in many capacities, which include financial and management accountants, finance managers, auditors, tax and financial consultants, chief operating officers, chief executive officers etc.

  • Entry Requirements:

To register as a CPA student, one must have one of the following qualifications:

1. Degree

A degree from a recognised university.

2. Certificates / Diplomas

a. An Accounting Technicians Certificate/Diploma from a recognised professional accountancy body such as ICPAU,

b. A diploma pursued in a period of at least two years from a recognised university or Institution of Higher Learning.

c. A professional certificate offered by another body such as CIPS, CIM etc.

3. A' level

At least two principal passes at A-Level with at least 5 credits at O‘Level including English Language and Mathematics.


4. Foreign Accountancy Qualification (FAQs)

Holders of FAQs must sit for Business Law – Paper 4, Advanced Taxation - Paper 9 and Public Sector Accounting & Reporting-Paper 14 as a minimum. Some may be exempted from sitting for Business Law - Paper 3 if they covered it during their first degree pursed in Uganda. One may also be required to sit for Auditing & Other Assurance Services if it was not covered in their FAQ study. FAQs refer to all accountancy qualifications obtained outside East African Community. Examples include CIMA, CA, ACCA etc

  • CPA(U) Syllabus structure:

The CPA (U) syllabus is structured in four levels. The figure below shows the paper composition for each of the four levels.

  • Exemptions:

Exemptions may, on application, be granted to holders of recognised qualifications, on a subject for subject basis.
ICPAU continuously reviews the exemption eligibility for various qualifications whenever submitted by the awarding institution. The current schedule of exemptions can be accessed on the Institute's website.

  • Mode of study

Harvest Training and Consultancy Ltd is recognised and approved by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU) as a tuition provider for the CPA(U) Professional Course in Uganda. We have been offering the CPA(U) course for seven (7) years now and produce the top performing students in Uganda.


We offer four distinct methods of study/training for the CPA(U) students, click on the link below to submit your registration. Select your preferred mode of study as indicated on the registration form.

  • Download CPA(U) student brochure

Download the current student brochure to read  more about the CPA(U) course


Click on the link below to view the course details for all CPA(U) papers and pricing plan.

  • Video presentation on CPA(U) course

In this brief video, we give you an overview of the CPA(U) course to help you take your next step.